In fairness to our guests and staff, there are no exceptions to our policies.
Cancellation and Late Policies
  • Non-Deposit Appointments: If you do not come to your appointment or you cancel/reschedule within 24 hours of your appointment, you will be subject to a fee of $25 which will be added onto your next bill. Subsequent last minute cancelations/rescheduling will result in a mandatory $25 deposit for all future appointments, and the cancelation fee must be paid before any future appointments can be booked.
  • Deposit Appointments: If you do not come to your appointment or you cancel/reschedule within 48 hours of your appointment, you will forfeit your deposit and must place another deposit when you rebook with us.
  • If you are going to be late to your appointment, please call us. Please be aware of construction or road blocks on your route to the spa and leave accordingly.  If you are late, you will only receive your service for the remaining time in your appointment but you will be charged for the full amount of the original service.  If you are so late that we are unable to accommodate your appointment, you will be subject to the $25 cancellation fee.
RMT Cancellation Policies
  • If you do not provide us with 24 hour notice you will be subject to a $25 cancellation fee.  If you arrive late to your appointment, you will receive only the time remaining in your session but you will be charged the full amount of the time originally booked.  If you arrive more than 15 minutes late without notice, your therapist will be unavailable and you will be charged a cancellation fee.
  • Missed appointment/cancellation charges must be paid before booking your next appointment. 
General Policies
  • Children are welcome to visit the spa for services, as we have several services that accommodate to our younger clients. However, please do not bring children to the spa for your appointment. In our experience, it's not only an unpleasant experience for the child, but it causes disruptions in your service as well as others, and we want to ensure that all of our guests are able to have a relaxing experience, including you!
  • We don’t mind if you see other technicians within our spa! In fact, it’s best if you are flexible with your service provider as it gives you more options for booking.
  • From time to time, our technicians might be delayed; something unexpected might have arose during a treatment, a service may have taken longer than what was booked for, etc. For whatever reason we might be behind, please know that it is to ensure that we are trying to offer our clients the best service possible. That said, we make every effort to ensure we remain respectful of your time, so please keep that in mind when you're attending your appointments to get the absolute best out of your time with us.
  • If you have an appointment but have several questions that you need answered before you begin, it's best to book a consultation ahead of time. This will ensure that we can address your concerns prior to your booked appointment, and then make the most out of the time you are paying us for.
Bridal and Group Policies & Discounts
  • If you would like to book before we open, an additional $25 fee will be charged per technician that is booked early, per hour. This is to cover our overhead costs and ensures your service provider is compensated for the additional time. Please be advised that we cannot guarantee our staff will be able to accommodate your time request.
  • On-location services are available, for a service fee of $20 local, per technician. Call or email for a quote for out of town events.
  • Packages are not available for on-location services.

For private parties outside of regular hours including late night and Sundays, please email us for a quote.