Jessica Haddon

General Manager


Self-care and the beauty industry have always been a passion in Jessica’s life. She is a big believer in the power of prioritizing yourself and taking the time for self-care so as to feel your best!

Since joining Uptown Beauty Lounge in 2019, she has been at the forefront of their growth. Her experience in managing businesses for over a decade brings the skill set needed for this industry. Her previous role as a Golf Course General Manager involved overseeing daily events and as a result, she grew the business significantly within her first year as General Manager. Jessica’s drive to become the youngest female General Manager in a male-dominated industry motivated her to switch directions. She felt an urge to use these skills to help grow a woman dominated business in an industry that thrives on boosting confidence and changing how people feel about themselves. Her managing Philosophy is to run a business as though you own it; ultimately, this sense of ownership demonstrates to the clientele that you are truly passionate about what you offer as a business.

In her personal life she is a wonderful wife and mom of two adorable children under the age of three; as you can imagine, they keep her extremely busy when she isn’t running around the Salon making sure everything is running flawlessly. Jessica has a sense of humour! She often jokes that she wishes she could clone herself but admits that two people with her personality may be a lot to handle all at once.

Please make sure to stop in to say hi if you are passing the office before or after your appointment; if she is available, Jessica always loves a chat.