Microblading FAQ’s

Q: Will it hurt?
A: Microblading is a tattoo so you will feel it, however everyone's pain tolerance is different and we try to make your experience as comfortable as possible by using numbing throughout the procedure.Q: What happens during the procedure?
A: When you arrive, you will need to fill out a client record and consent form. You will then have 'before' photos taken of the area. These photos may be used in our portfolio so other clients can see our work and the style of brow they want.  If you prefer that no one sees your photos, please let us know, however we still must take photos for your personal client file. Once photos have been taken, we will design the brow and choose a colour, based on what you are looking to achieve, as well as what is best for your facial features and skin tone. Once we are both satisfied with the brow design and colour choice, we will begin the procedure. As you relax on a comfortable spa bed, a hand tool is used that holds a stack of micro-needles that form a line. This is used to create the hair strokes in the brow that mimic real eyebrow hairs. Pigment (not ink), is embedded into the dermis, much like a body tattoo.

Q: Why do I need a touch up?
A: Everyone's skin is different, and will react differently to the pigment based on their skin thickness, their skin type and oil production, sensitivities, etc. We can predict your skin type and work with it, however it's hard to predict exactly how the pigment will hold once in the skin and once the area has healed. Some areas may need to have more strokes applied for consistency within in the brow. Microblading is a two-step process and an 8-week touch up is typically required in all cases of our makeup procedures.

Q: What can I expect after?
A: When your procedure is complete, the colour will appear darker then it will heal. The reason for this is because you are seeing the colour in the dermis (deep skin layer) as well as the epidermis (upper layer of skin that is constantly sloughing off). Once the brows have healed, you will be seeing the colour through the skin, not on top of it. Think of it as when you wear pantyhose and you see your skin slightly through them, slightly diffused.

Q: What is the healing process like?
A: Throughout the healing process you will need to gently clean and then apply proper aftercare twice per day (morning and night) to the area. You may notice slight scabbing, this is normal but do not pick at it. Try to avoid any activities that might cause you to sweat excessively, as this can push pigment out of the skin. Surface healing typically takes 7-10 days in normal skin, but could take up to 14 days.

Q: What do I need to know before and after the procedure to prepare for it?
A: Do not use any products containing Retin-A/Retinol for 7 days prior to procedure.  You must not be sunburned or tanned, and you have to be prepared to not do any activities that will cause you to sweat, for 2 weeks following the procedure.  If you get Botox, you must wait 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after your injection before receiving Microblading. We can not work on any open sores in the area so if you are prone to breakouts you must be healed first. Do not drink alcohol or consume Asprin or other blood thinners 24 hours prior to procedure.